Jul. 25th, 2008

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Черно-белый пианист, акрил, 11 на 14 инчей. Не уверена, что кому-то понравится. Готова подарить первому встречному.  
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 Мой друг влюблен в луну, звать Папа, закончил свою аспирантуру - no shit! он физик-теоретик, и отправился преподавать физику в заведения студентам в качестве лектора. Путь его - не из легких. Он был преподавателем в католическом университете, куда берут непринятых в другие места детей богатых родителей - учиться там дорого. Вот его рассказ об одной из лекций, а точнее, о лирическом отступлении на лекции, посвященном святому Андрею. Сразу предупреждаю, что рассказ представляет художественную ценность.

"of actual narrative of Nov. 2007 (morning) lecture on Role of moment of inertia in rotational dynamics in front of thoroughly religious but a bit underversed audience

(adaptation of Mark 14:57; other influences are easily recognized, including 12 year old Glenfiddich)

"... Remember when St. Andrew met Jesus and asked him a big question?"


"Oh...well, since you all don't recollect the story of St. Andrew, I'm gonna have to make a digression here and try to retell it in my own words. You're certainly encouraged to address the original.
So, Andrew was sitting on the river bank fishing when he saw Jesus walking on the water towards him at full speed. He (I mean Jesus) then asked Andrew if he wants to ask him, Jesus, a question, the one Andrew've been asking so many times in his prayers, and Andrew dropped his nets and everything and dropped on his KNEEEESah!"

"...." (audience members glancing at each other; few semi-puzzled semi-ashamed smiles)

"He said, Savior! You know I do good for my community, I share the fish I catch, I share my money a food from my table, help those in need whenever I can but there is only as much I can do - people still suffering all around me, people loose their loved-ones, fall to the desease, and you know they call me saint, but I am not and really want to be, tell me Lord how to become real saint how to help all the people of my village, how can I become someone like you?"

Audience react with the muttering sound to lecturer's raised right hand with all five fingers apart and pointing forward (possibly imitating relevant gesture) with shirt sleeve sliding down to elbow.

"Jesus smiled warmly and responded. "Fisherman, look behind you. D'you this hill
will the cross on it and a dozen of Romans underneath? Do YAH?!"

"...." Audience still not sure how to react. Perhaps because they are more familiar and accustomed to traditional Catholic preaching rather than televangelist stile. Or, maybe, sudden waves of Southern accent used in historical reenactment did not come across as most appropriate.

"and Jesus Christ proceeded with the warm smile,- the answer to your question is very simple, fisherman, you get on this cross and you hang from it and then you come back and we walk together on this water. Andrew raise both hands toward Jesus and cried, but Lord, my community needs me I can't just die, I don't want to die, I just want to find some other way... and Jesus's smile abruptly disappeared, he struck the water with his feet and told Andrew: You MUS be UH FOOL! fi-SHUH-man!"


"Jesus didn't say anything else and continued his walk, as Andrew picked up his nets and the fish he caught and headed home. Sitting on his bed Andrew continued thinking about Lord's message. He draw the stashed coins from under his pillow, raised himself from the bed and left his house and village without looking back"

while lecturer was sipping on his by now cold green tea, the audience engaged into
brief discussion, but quieted down as he proceeded:

"Andrew climbed the hill and approached Roman soldiers, who were playing cards, ate and drunk wine trying to fight their boredom. A few ravens took of from the cross as Andrew was coming over. Andrew dropped the bag of coins in front of the Romans and asked them if they can nail him to the cross. Romans at first laughed, but after brief deliberation among themselves agreed. They got up, brought nails and hammer, and soon Andrew was on the cross and soon after that he died"

"....? (sigh from the audience)"

"And this is the story of Saint Andrew."
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